Valentine’s Day Destroyed

Madeline lane ’17

Valentine’s day is meant for love, or for our generation, is meant for fancy dinners and goofy and sentimental presents. For some, Valentine’s day is a reminder of being single and being against Valentine’s day. For me Valentine’s was supposed to be a fun date in Newport at Dave and Busters and eat at Bar Louie. Johnny and I chose Dave and Busters because it’s my 18th birthday on the 19th and it’s my last hoorah as an “official kid.”

Sara Ruberg and her friends made plans to eat at Olive Garden for their Galentine’s day. Jody Hetzel and her friends were supposed to party and celebrate her birthday. Other couples and friends might’ve planned on going to the movies and maybe downtown to see the city and enjoy some dangerous ice skating.

But all these plans were crushed from the life threatening downpour of snow falling from the sky and eliminating any lovely plans made. My friends and family who were out and driving before the dreadful snow came down told me there was absolutely no salt on the ground before hand and barely any warning on the news. After the white death covered the roads and ground, there was a storm warning.

I had to drive during the storm which was a slipping and skidding adventure of fun! We also almost killed a mailbox and a few cars also which is so fun! We risked our lives for chipotle though because Johnny lives 3 minutes from the nearest chipotle.
Even driving through back neighborhoods, we saw a car smash into a parked car and another car driving in reverse down a hill.

Even though, the snow ruined Valentine’s Day, girls still received their gifts. Big teddy bears, chocolate hearts/candy, jewelry/clothes, handmade cards/letters, and flowers/ roses gallore. For some girls, these presents almost made up for the ruined plans.

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