Newest Zip Dip Employee!

Jody Hetzel ’19

Throughout your childhood you always anticipate what your first job will be. Many believe you would work at a restaurant and waitress, however for me I am going to be working at Zip Dip Creamy Whip. There are many rules and limits to jobs as a minor. This can be frustrating, especially as you become a teenager and start to do more on your own and need your own money. I am one of the very few lucky ones that gets to work at 15.

The hiring process was pretty simple, it may be more difficult as you get older however as a teenager it’s easy. The first thing I had to do was email the hiring and scheduling processor at Zip Dip. I had to tell her a short summary about myself like name, age, birthday, what I enjoy, and simple things like that. I also had to explain why I would like to work there. Like I said simple. So as I was emailing her, I kind of got nervous. It was weird because I didn’t normally get nervous with things like this, but I guess since it was my first job I got the butterflies.

I waited and waited and eventually I got the email back saying I was accepted and am now apart of the Zip Dip “fam.” The moment I got that email there was a jolt of excitement than ran through my entire body. So now what?

From here I had to attend a meeting that explained everything I was going to be doing at Zip Dip besides the obvious. After attending this meeting I definitely had a better confidence for what I was going to have to do and how things went. They seemed very chill and laid back which helped with the nerves. I then was going to go to a meeting with all the girls working there.

Considering I am the youngest, and only knew one other person going, you could say I was very nervous. However, the girls were so nice and caring. They were all very kind and fun to be around. Having this meeting/hangout gave me a sense of relief because I now know all of the girls I will be working with. At this meeting I also got my uniform which is a white polo with the Zip Dip logo on the collar and a hat, for sanitary reasons, with Zip Dip’s logo on it as well.


I am overly excited to be working at Zip Dip and can’t wait for the season to start. I get to work two days a week from 3-6. Since I am 15 I can’t work night shifts. This is somewhat inconvenient because both of my parents work until 4:30 so my grandma has to take me. However this allows me enough time to get my homework done and still have time for sports throughout the rest of the week.  I will have to train on the first three days of work and then later will be on my own or “out in the big world,” as my dad says.

The season begins March 4th, so get out to Zip Dip and have some delicious creamy whip ice cream. Who knows, you might see me there!(;

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