Gaga moves audience at Oscars

Sara Ruberg ‘18

   This past Sunday, February 28th, the 88th Academy Awards made history. The live show was jampacked with jokes that made some audience members uncomfortable, while others were rolling with laughter.

   The host, Chris Rock, called out the academy for its alledge racism because there were no black nominees for any awards this year. Of course Rock was able to lighten the mood with humor, but some people were outraged by the remarks.

   While the controversy stirred up arguments around the nation, one musical performance left the whole world in chills. Lady Gaga performed her song co-written with Diane Warren, Til It Happens To You, from the documentary, The Hunting Ground.

   The breathtaking song explain the struggles of sexual abuse survivors and how hard it is to recover from such a traumatic assault.When introducing Gaga to the stage, Vice President Joe Biden spoke about the increasing problem in our country,“We must and we can change the culture so that no abused woman or man . . . have to ask themselves, ‘What did I do?’”  The Hunting Ground talks about the same issues as the song, but it is focused more on the epidemic of rape happening on college campuses.

   At the end of Gaga’s performance 50 survivors of sexual abuse joined her on stage. Each person showed the camera the words written in black on the side of their arms. They all read different things such as “It happened to me”, “Survivor”, and “Unbroken”.

   Tears were brought to all of the audiences’ eyes; celebrities and most likely those watching at home, too. Brie Larson, leading actress in the movie, Room, hugged every single victim as they walked off the stage. 

   Unfortunately, Gaga did not win an Oscar for her emotional song. Although, almost everyone can agree this was a very eye opening song brought light to a huge situation in America. This should be addressed and hopefully can be changed for the safety of all men, women, and children.


Lady Gaga holding hands with 50 sexual abuse victims at the 2016 Oscars. Photo credit

To watch her Oscar performance go to Lady Gaga at the Oscars.

To watch her even more emotional music video go to Til It Happens To You Music Video (Contains graphic content).

To learn more visit Its On Us.

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