Seniors sing farewell

Michelle Maas ’17

The curtain has closed on another excellent production from Mercy’s Theatre Department, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The seniors have sung their last “Our Father” for their last show at Mercy. It was a very emotional night when the seniors realized that they won’t be here next year. We will miss them very much!

After closing night, Ms. LaNicca, Mercy’s new theatre director, has a tradition called, “Top Hat.” Top Hat is a way to appreciate crew or cast members. The person who is Top Hat should be someone who made the show great. Without this person, the show couldn’t happen the same way.



The whole cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream smiling for the camera. Photo Credits: Niehauser Photography and Mercy’s Theatre Instagram.

Everyone in the cast and crew is supposed to vote for a student who fits the criteria.  During intermission, Ms. LaNicca tallies up the votes. At the end of the show she invites crew and cast members to sit on the stage.

We wait in anticipation as she thanks everyone for doing a great job. Before she announced who Top Hat was, the cast and crew received some shocking news.

Miss Jesse, the woman in charge of costumes, is moving to Switzerland with her husband and will not be coming back next year! Everyone was very shocked and upset by this news, but Ms. LaNicca cheered us all up with her announcement of Top Hat.

A senior who has been stage manager since her sophomore year deserved to be Top Hat.

Katie Schweinberg is the Top Hat of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! 🙂

She has worked very hard and DEFINITELY deserved some appreciation for her tireless efforts to make this show spectacular.

Even though this show is over, and the seniors will not be acting in any more Mercy plays or musicals :(, cast and crew can finally relax for a little bit.

“It’s bittersweet.”

Those are the words I have heard many seniors use to describe their last show. They are happy to have free time, but they will miss their theatre friends and all the good memories.

Tears were shed before and after closing day, but we still have a few more months with these AMAZING seniors!


A picture of the last curtain call. Photo Credits: Mercy’s Theatre Instagram


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