Reading Transformed to Writing

Michelle Maas ’17

I have always loved to read and write. From eighth grade to my Freshman year at Mercy, I wrote about seventeen chapters of a book about stars who were people. Yeah, I know. It’s weird. So, I kind of gave up on it.

During the summer between sophomore and junior year I began writing a book called, Poisoned Mirrors. I am currently writing chapter thirteen and I hope I stick with it. I have really enjoyed writing about all of the crazy things that happen to Katherine Trovain.

Katherine is the main character of the book. She is gorgeous and excels in all of her endeavors. Her family, The Trovains, are Supernatural Hunters. They are known for ridding the world of all things magic. Katherine and her whole family are very strict Catholics. They have to go to Sunday mass and do other Catholic things. Yes, I understand that monster killing and the beautiful religion of Catholicism are not usually paired together, but I love being a Catholic, and I love supernatural stuff and mysteries.

Here is where Katherine’s world flips upside-down. She discovers that she is one of the beasts she had fought her whole life. She is a witch!

Her mother had been a witch as well, but had hid her supernatural abilities from her husband. The Deiales, Katherine’s mother’s family, are the royal family in the world of Supernaturals. (They are also devout Catholics!)

Katherine, being a witch, was invited to be a student at The Academy. She has to hide her identity and uses her grandmother’s maiden name “Stone” as her surname. She tells her father and siblings that she got accepted into a prestigious academy. Then she leaves to go to the school full of supernatural creatures.

When she enters the grounds of her new school, Katherine is ecstatic to see a beautiful Catholic church that she can go to on Sundays or any other day of the week for mass.

Katherine’s mother, Seraphine, and the Headmistress of The Academy, Ann, were best friends when they were students at The Academy. Ann invites Katherine to her office to discuss her unique situation. The Headmistress helps Katherine sort out her life for her first year at magic school.

I could could keep explaining the plot and tell you that Katherine finds more family at The Academy than she expected. I could tell you that she becomes the best witch at the school. I could say a bunch of things, but let’s just say, Katherine has a wild road ahead of her!

Why have I only written about fifty word pages when I have had a whole year to work on this book?

Well, that is because I am also writing another book. This “other book” is about twins. I’m probably not going to write to much more of the twins book because in four chapters it’s kind of cliche and dull.

On top of those two projects, I am also writing a musical! I have actually written music for it and everything.

I was inspired to write this musical because my best friend and I are writing a book together called, Twisted Monarchy. The musical that I am writing is a spin off to our book. It’s about, what if my character’s brother, who is my best friend’s character’s boyfriend,  murdered my boyfriend who is my best friend’s character who is my character’s best friend’s brother? What if the boys faked it all? It’s a mystery musical and is quite interesting and very strange.

I’m probably going to give up on Moving Forward, which is the musical, and the twins’ book. I’m going to try to finish Poisoned Mirrors and Twisted Monarchy, but before I do any of that, I have to do my homework, eat, sleep, breath, and try to have a social life! 🙂


This is Katherine’s schedule for her first year at The Academy. They follow an Alpha Beta schedule which is kind of like Mercy’s A and B day block scheduling. Photo credits: Michelle Maas.


I made a word document that I update as I write to remember little details about the book. One day I wanted to make a family tree, so I created Katherine’s family tree on both sides of her family. I’ve had fun incorporating her large family into the book. Photo Credits: Michelle Maas.


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