This Unruly Mess I’ve Made

Macklemore started out with ‘Thrift Shop’, kicking off his vibrant career and releasing his first album with Ryan Lewis, ‘The Heist’. Packed with songs about his struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse, along with witty songs like ‘Thrift Shop’, ‘The Heist’ went down in music history as one of the first albums to not glorify alcohol and drug abuse or expensive things, but talk about how these addictions can ruin lives and destroy your plans and goals.

Since ‘The Heist’, however, Macklemore has been vaguely silent. He did go on tour, yes, and kept up with social media, but no songs were released and there was no talk about releasing a new album, not a word about any new songs. That did change.

January 22nd at 8:05, ‘White Privilege 2’ was dropped into the world. Since this article is about the album in its entirety, pick up a copy of ‘The Etcetera’ to learn more specifically about ‘White Privilege 2’ the song. After that release, Macklemore released the name of the new album, ‘This Unruly Mess I’ve Made’. Valentines day another song was dropped, called ‘Spoons’ about himself and his relationship with his wife. ‘Kevin’ was released the next day, an entire song about how Macklemore’s brother Kevin overdosed on oxycotton and about the danger of drugs.

‘This Unruly Mess I’ve Made’, the album, was released February 24th at midnight. Quickly it became number two on iTunes, and soon after number one. The tracklist of the album can be found below.


Each song tells its own story, and the titles don’t do them justice, so heres a brief summary of each one.

Light Tunnels: An entire song dedicated to his winning best rap album of the year 2 years ago, and how guilty he feels about winning. Best line: ‘She covers up my freckles, concealer on my chin. I look orange but she swears it looks natural with my skin.’

Downtown: You’ve no doubt heard Downtown on the radio. An entire song dedicated to buying a moped with a sick music video? Something only the Mackle could pull off. Best line: ‘Shes got 1988 Mariah Carey Hair, very rare, mom jeans and a derriere.’

Brad Pitts Cousin: Macklemore is somehow Brad Pitts ugly cousin in this song. Best line: Every white boy went out and said ‘Give me the Macklemore haircut!”

Buckshot: Graffiti and the stigma against people who create graffiti. Best line: ‘I used to work at Subway. Seven bucks an hour wasn’t much money, But I be rapping and kicking it on my lunch break’

Growing Up: A whole song about his daughter Sloane, featuring Ed Sheeran. This whole song is great, but the best line is ‘Listen to your teachers, but cheat in calculus’. Thanks for the advice Macklemore, I will.

Kevin: Mentioned above, a song about his brother Kevin that overdosed on Oxy, and the guilt he feels for not helping him sooner. Best line: ‘We’re all gonna quit tomorrow.’

St. Ides: Follow up to Kevin, a song about how he struggled with addiction and didn’t seek help until the last straw snapped. Best line: ‘I think happiness went the other way. Sometimes you just have to wait.’

Need To Know: A song about how information on celebrities is Need to Know. Chance the Rapper is featured. Best line: ‘The grass is always greener when you play on astroturf
Wonder why my generation poppin’ pills and poppin’ percs.’

Dance Off: A song about dancing when you’re stressed. Idris Elba the actor sings in this? Its one of the songs you need to hear to understand. Best line: ‘I wanna dance all night ’til the break of dawn. I wanna sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat ’til your make-up’s gone, and baby girl, you looking like a champion.’

Lets Eat: My personal favorite song on the entire album, the best. A song about loving your body, loving food, and never actually committing to a diet. Best line: ‘But tomorrow though, Imma get fit. Get me a fuel band and a fit-bit. Get me some workout shoes, and a bench press. Some lululemons and a french press!’

Bolo Tie: The pressure of wearing a real tie to an event, and how people weren’t there for him while he needed them. ‘But where’s the self-esteem when the costumes removed?’

The Train: A sort-of wrap up to the album, talking about the people he’s left behind in his hustle and bustle of life. Best line: ‘I try to write but every sentence is a run on. I try to text you but I don’t get reception in this tunnel’

White Privilege 2: Racism in america. A second part to his series of racism songs. Best line: ‘You speak about equality but do you really mean it, are you marching for freedom or when its convenient?’

Spoons: The final song, all about his wife. Best line: ‘You watched ahead on the fourth season of Game of Thrones? I wanna forgive you, but inside, I’m resentful.’

Listen to this album in its entirety for free on Amazon Music.

Giorgia Close ’16

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