Toms Day: One for One

Jody Hetzel ’19

In fall of 2006, Blake Mycoskie, came out with the shoe TOMS. The idea of TOMS was to provide a one for one deal. One for one means to buy a pair of TOMS shoes and then TOMS will give a pair to someone in need of shoes. This idea inspired many people to buy the shoes not only because they were cute but also because they would help someone in need.

The shoes range anywhere from $30-$140. If you think about it, if you bought a pair of shoes for $40, you are really spending $20 on yourself and giving someone a pair for $20. TOMS is a really good cause and gives people a cute shoe with also donating a pair to others in need.


Over the summer Mercy students were asked to read, Start Something That Matters, written by Blake and told people about his story. This book really inspired me as an individual because he always wanted to help people and his entire life he did. Once he got older he made helping others in need his profession. No one would really think to do something like this, or people have the idea and don’t do anything with it. However Blake, made sure he made his dream to help others a reality.

This week has been called the week that matters and Thursday, March 10, is TOMS day. Everyone in the school was asked to donate lightly used shoes that will be donated to those in need. On TOMS day students wore TOMS shoes in honor of donating to those in need and to reflect on Blake’s mission.

Over the years I have had many TOMS shoes and they are super cute and comfortable. I have canvas shoes, wedges, and boots. They are all some of the best purchases I have made because I know I gave to someone who needed it more than me. I love TOMS shoes and I hope everyone in there lifetime gets a chance to buy some!

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