Demons & friends?


Born in Bergen, Norway, this 19 year-old singer just released her first full-length album on March 11th. It’s causing quite a stir.

For what seems like 30 years ago, Katie Wegman ’18 and I were sitting together in class, talking about whatever came up and writing our blogs and articles. One day she screamed and threw her earbuds in my face, mumbling about some new singer she found. I love new music, so I gladly took the earbuds and listened to AURORA’s Spotify on shuffle.

I was in love. Her falsetto voice and melodic harmonies blew me away. I’m a big fan for African drum music (#nerdalert) so the percussion in her choruses was incredible. Where has this girl been all my life?

When AURORA was just 12, she wrote her song “Runaway,” which was later published as a single and is on this album. After a talent competition, AURORA’s friend asked for a copy of her singing for the show, then uploaded it to a Norwegian music streaming site. Soon after the management team heard it, they contacted AURORA immediately. Goals, right?

The new album is titled All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. Creepy, huh? Her Twitter bio describes her music as “dark folk-pop.” And it’s so accurate. The way her music is written gives the listener a whole different vibe. Trust me when I say it’s like nothing I’ve ever listened to before.

I am highly recommending this album to anyone who will listen to it. And when people ask me “Ooh, I like that song. Who sings it?” I usually respond with a squeal and exaggerated hand motions. So a special thanks to Katie, and the emotional turmoil and pure excitement this singer is about to cause me.

Elizabeth Meyer ’17




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