Jr. Bobcat Night

Jody Hetzel ’19

On Friday, March 11 Jr. Bobcat Night took place from 6-8:30. Every year Mercy has a Jr. Bobcat Night for fifth and sixth grade students from all over. They do many activities ranging from a campfire, scavenger hunt, theatre games, decorating cookies, and an obstacle course. After the grade school girls were done with their events, there was a pizza party.

When the girls got to Mercy they checked in, got a name tag, and went to the gym. In the gym there were volleyballs, basketballs, and hula hoops. They played in the gym until almost everyone that signed up to come was there. Mercy students involved in Student Recruiting Committee were there to help Mrs. Hyland with the events. As everyone started showing up, Mercy girls were placed in their specific positions according to where Mrs. Hyland placed them.

She separated grade school girls into different groups and sent them to a specific event and they would switch every 30 minutes. They had big bright smiles on their faces and you could tell they were all excited to be at Mercy.

I am apart of Student Recruiting Committee and was one of the lucky few to attend this event. I was placed as a sticker marker for the scavenger hunt. I stood by the library and waited for screaming, enthusiastic, excited fifth and sixth graders to run at me. At moments it was scary because I would be standing there and then hear 30-40 girls running at me in full speed. After I was done doing my job and the scavenger hunt was over as well as the other events, Student Recruiting Committee and grade school girls enjoyed pizza.


As the night came to an end I asked the girls how they enjoyed their night and most of them had a positive opinion of it. In the future I would say to have the Student Recruiting Committee girls to get more involved in the activities as well because the grade school girls will be more excited to do the activities when they see someone older, that goes to Mercy, doing it. However I enjoyed my night very much and I loved seeing all the younger girls excited about maybe coming to Mercy in their future.

Thanks to Mrs. Hyland and all the Student Recruiting Committee girls for making my night as well as the grade school girls night, a night to remember!

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