Journalists put their Spotlight on “Spotlight”

Sara Ruberg ‘18

  As an aspiring journalist, I tend to research a lot about the different fields of journalism. One area of interest for me is investigative journalism. So when a student from Ohio University’s journalism school highly recommended the movie Spotlight, a movie based on real events about a group of investigative journalists at the Boston Globe, I was eager to watch it.

  Within a day I had rented, watched, and then rewatched the outstanding movie. I highly recommend the movie to any mature audience, not just journalists. This movie is not only about the courageous reporters, but about the scandal in 2001 where 90 Catholic priests in Boston were found guilty of sexual assault. Suddenly the story went nationwide, and then worldwide.

   The conflict of the movie almost tempted me not to watch it at first. As a Catholic, it is terrifying to think there is major corruption within your own church. Although after watching it, I would not let the topic scare you away from seeing the very informative movie.

   The only negative comment I had toward the movie was the confusing amount of legal terms and multiple names that were hard to catch if you were not paying very close attention. My two friends, who also watched the film with me, had a difficult time following along. I admit that I was also slightly confused during some scenes.

   Other than that, the film was very powerful. So powerful that it caused me and my friends to go on a full blown research project on the scandal.

  If you are looking for an intriguing movie with Academy Award winning actors, Spotlight, is the movie for you.

Click here to see the trailer.


The “Spotlight” team at the Boston Globe discussing their latest story. Photo Credit The Boston Globe.

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