Arizona in April


Competition pool

Rose Homoelle ’19

This past week my synchronized swimming team traveled to Mesa, Arizona for the US National Championships. We had a great meet and made it to finals in our team, combination, and duet events. The facility was very nice. The outdoor pool was refreshing enough for the smoldering afternoons, but still warm enough for the chilly mornings.

Most of the trip was spent at the pool. We were basically there all day working on our routines or competing. We didn’t get to do much sight seeing, but the view of the mountains from the pool was enough (as seen to the right).

We did get to have some fun though. We went to Buca di Beppo for our team dinner. Some of our seniors were missing their prom because of this meet so we put on our own little “synchro prom”. We had “dates” and went to Buca for “prom”. It was delicious. The food was fantastic and the weather was very pleasant. We made our waiter a card (because why not?) and he put it in the display case when you first walk in.

File_000 (4)

Out card in a display case at Buca.

My duet made it to finals and ended up in 11th place.


Me and my duet partner, Sarah Walsh

Our team finished in 6th place. We were very excited about this one especially. We’ve been working really hard and it’s definitely paid off.



My team at the awards ceremony. Front row left to right: Candela Alonso-Garcia, Blue Edler, Sarah Walsh, Abby Corpuz, Mackenzie Finn, Erin Fanning, Keely Connor. Back three left to right: Rose Homoelle (me), Anne Bouley, Lydia Cox. Photo Credits Julie Jasontek.


After we were done competing we celebrated with In ‘N’ Out. We had a huge order and the kitchen was crazy. We had 10 milk shakes, 16 burgers, and 10 fries. We were very hungry to say the least.


(Almost) all of our In ‘N’ Out order.


After a great meet, we are all glad to back – sunburns and all.

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