I’v been babysitting since 6th grade. That’s about 6 years of babysitting. Many of us have at least once babysat, and some of us have even made a kind of career out of it. The pay is pretty good, and taxes don’t get taken out. And if you don’t mind taking care of kids and changing diapers, why not?

I have watched a lot of different kids. And you learn a lot through the years and have some stories I could tell and I am sure some of you have stories as well.

Babysitting is often harder than we expect or easier than we expect. It all depends on the kids we are watching, how old they are, how many of them their are, and the parents. I say parents because some of them are strict and some of them are easy going. I’v babysat kids who are only allowed to watch an hour of TV a day, and kids who basically aren’t allowed to watch TV at all. Not being allowed to put a movie in or turn the TV on is the hardest part— because you have to actually entertain them and they are not as stationary. Of course sometimes you have the problem of ”I want to watch this”  “no I want to watch this.” 

I gave a survey to a few people who have babysat and asked them about their experiences:



As of now this is probably the scariest/worst babysitting experience I’v ever had:

The other week, the one year old I was babysitting fell down the stairs. The full set of stairs, from top to bottom! She usually knows to crawl down the stairs backwards, but of course I was told that I should still stand behind her while she climbs down the stairs. I was babysitting a 3 year old and 5 year old girl as well and we were upstairs reading stories in their room. When the door was opened the 1 year old was the first at the stairs and for some reason, instead of going down backwards like she usually does, she started to craw down face first. I saw it happening but could’t grab her quick enough. She summer-sulted the whole way down, and at the bottom was a tile floor. I think that was the scariest moment of my life. I raced down the stairs trying to ketch her before she hit the bottom but she was to fast. I picked her up and looked for bruises or cuts but she had none. I held her for about two minutes while she cried, but after that she was fine. Looking back on the situation now, I probably should have called the parents right a way, but she was really fine. I watched her like a hawk the next hour, for signs of a concussion, until the dad came home an hour latter and then I told him what happened. 

In case you were wondering the kid is perfectly fine and the parents must still like me because they haven’t stopped asking me to babysit.

Written by: Madalyn Hardig

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