Meet Kimmy Schmidt!

How does a 29 year-old woman conform to a modern-day society after being trapped in a bunker for 15 years by a crazy preacher who claimed the apocalypse destroyed the universe as we know it? Kimmy Schmidt can show you.

Meet Kimmy, the quirky, red-headed personality who is, as the media describes her, a mole woman. Kidnapped by the deranged Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, she and three other women were kept in an underground bunker after being told the world above them was destroyed by God.

I love this show. And sure, I say that about every show that I watch, but this one is special. It stars Ellie Kemper who was also Erin in The Office. Naturally, that was my driving motivation to watch the show. Once I started, I couldn’t stop watching until I finished the whole season. One of the reasons is the sometimes-undetected sarcasm. There’s no laugh track or pauses for the audience to catch the funny and witty dialogue, so it really makes you listen and pay attention to the story. My mom and are are #totes #addicted.

With her gay, drama-driven roommate, crazy, curly-haired landlord, and sweetly, stuck-up employer, Kimmy is about to show you what being a newbie in New York is all about.

Elizabeth Meyer ’17

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