Starbucks New Program

In a follow up to an older post about the new program, the program has started. The app has a new design, the stars look different, and in general everyone is unhappy. The new deal is that now instead of earning a star every time you buy something and needing 12 stars for a free drink, you get 2 stars for every dollar spent and you need 135 stars for a reward.

The day the new app and the new program rolled out, I downloaded the update immediately. The app’s design is much, much different, and while it is more aesthetically pleasing, its more difficult to navigate. Everything is listed under menus now, and adding a gift card to your account is a lot more difficult. Looking at your stars is annoying, because there are so many of them flying around on the page, which is hard to count.

Talking to my favorite barista, Joe, he talks about how irritated people are when they come into Starbucks now. Its more difficult to pull up the payment page, more difficult to find coupons, and more difficult to earn a free drink. People are the most upset over the free drink reward, because now instead of a free drink you get $4 off, rather than whatever drink you’d like.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop getting coffee from Starbucks, heck no. It just means that whenever I pay for my drink I’ll be vaguely upset because it takes much more money to get a $4 drink.

The good part is that if you’re not a gold member in Starbucks’ rewards program, you can instantly become one by registering a gift card in the rewards program and downloading the app for free on the App Store, as well as Android’s Google Play. Happy earning!

Giorgia Close ’16

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