Allegiant; the Movie


Maura Gormley ’19

Allegiant the movie came out in mid to late March this year. This is the third film in the series and a fourth is scheduled to come out in March of 2017. The release of the film incited mixed reactions from fans. People who supported the books were outraged that the movie wasn’t even close to following the plot. In fact, the movie was so different from the book that it is hard to believe its the same story. Some people enjoyed the movie despite its differences from the book because it as fast paced with the right amount of comic relief.

I recently saw the movie and I have to say that my opinion falls somewhere in the middle. The changes that were made from the book to the movie were a little too far fetched but I did enjoy the action and humor. I probably would not see it again, but I do not regret seeing it the first time.  As a movie itself, I found Allegiant to be pretty good. It accomplished the task of providing entertainment. However, as an adaptation the movie failed horribly.

The fourth movie is expected to be similar to the third in terms of being different from the story. In fact, they are even changing the name of the movie to “Ascendant.” Because of the huge differences, some fans aren’t even going to bother to see it. I however, plan on going at some point just to know what its like. If you are interested in seeing it, Ascendant is scheduled to be released in March. Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.08.18 AM

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