Post Prom


After months of late night and early morning stress, prom was a success! Christmas lights hung wrapped around poles of gold and red fabric draped across and under the ceiling beams ahead. The fireplace was lit and burned in the center of the right wall. Two pairs of black and white dancing couples’ silhouettes were placed on either side of the fireplace. Friends shared laughs and crazy faces in the photo booth as it developed their memories.


There were 10 centerpieces, dispersed between the low tables in the woody, firelit room and the high tables in the dance room. The centerpieces were submerged roses, more specifically, fake red roses under water with jewels at the bottom and on top of the water was a real, lit candle. The glass vase was placed over a mirror with more jewels around it to make everything glitter and sparkle. These red roses added the touches of red that we wanted and were a main focal point since they were so elaborate and luminous.


In the dance room, red, black and white fake tissue flowers were placed in the trees along with christmas lights. An all black and white slideshow, made by Tay Sauer, played on repeat. On the other side of the room was the famous, T-Bird, AKA DJ for most of mercy’s father daughter dances, playing music with his blue and green disco lights. Unfortunately, our disc jockey couldn’t find our prom song “Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane. The room was flooded in all red lighting and created a romantic and fun vibe.    


After hours of dancing, excessive picture taking, and socializing the suspense for prom queen was in the air. Kenzie Coon and Addy Nichols, junior class co-chairs, took the mic. The prom court’s names were boomed over crowds of cheering. Megan Aufderbeck, Julia Brown, Jaylah Mason, Katie Schweinberg, and Hope Smith are the beautiful prom court. Katie Schweinberg and her date surprised us all by being lifted in the air and looking like an ice skating couple. After minutes of waiting, Jaylah Mason was crowned prom queen.   


During the day and into the afternoon, the sky was clouded and started to rain. Our lovely Cincinnati weather and rain cleared up a little but it was still pretty cold at night. As a barefoot Mercy girl running from the dance room to the other building, I noticed soft snowflakes falling down from the sky. Although, after spending a couple minutes dancing and singing to T-Bird’s tunes we warmed right up.

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