SCPA’s Production of Swan Lake

Rose Homoelle ’19

This past weekend, the School for Creative and Performing Arts put on a great production. Swan Lake was performed by the SCPA Dance Department for the public on Friday, April 22, Saturday, April 23, and Sunday, April 24. My swim team went to the ballet to see one of our teammates, Blue Edler, perform on Friday. It was a beautiful production.

The curtains opened and the ballet took place in a palace where the characters were introduced. During ballets, there is no talking. The dancers are supposed to communicate their characters with their dancing. These dancers did a fantastic job. Choreographer, Daryl Bjoza, did a fabulous job creating movements that accurately described each character. It was not hard to follow the story line.

Odette, (the swan queen) was played by Sophomore, Helga Paris-Morales. She was incredible. I used to be a dancer at SCPA myself, so I was able to appreciate the difficulty of some of the choreography. Her dances were especially difficult. She played both Odette and the Black Swan. The dance of the Black Swan is very famous for being very difficult. She performed it flawlessly.

If you’ve ever seen a ballet, you’ll know that the dancers wear special shoes so that they can go all the way up on their toes to obtain full extension. The toe part of the shoe feels like a piece of wood, and it is extremely painful to go une pointe, or on your toes. At one point, she was une pointe for what seemed like ten minutes, on only one foot. Her one foot – no – her one toe was carrying all of her weight, yet she was smiling the whole time.

Helga was lovely, but she wasn’t the only beautiful part of the ballet. The Corps de Ballet was also beautiful. The corps refers to the big group of dancers who dance together. Our friend, Blue, was in the corps. She was the best swan #22 I’ve ever seen. In Swan Lake, the dancers in the corps were swans for most of the performance. These dance numbers were absolutely gorgeous. The choreography was graceful and elegant, just as


My swim team with our beautiful swan #22 (in the front).

a swan should be.

The theater was filled with dancers, music, lighting, and a very engaged audience. The dancers of course received a standing ovation. One of my favorite parts about SCPA dances is that all of the dancers are still kids. Swan Lake was composed mostly of high schoolers in the dance ensemble, plus a few grade-schoolers. Helga is only a Sophomore; it won’t be much longer until I’m a Sophomore. It’s very cool to be able to see kids who are my age doing these amazing things.

I would definitely recommend seeing an SCPA dance production at some point in your life. The dance department has two big productions per year; an annual Nutcracker production, and another big spring production that changes every year. They also have smaller performances and showcases throughout the year.

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