Hush: Netflix’s Newest Horror Flick

With my extensive free time, lack of homework motivation, and a brand new bottle of nail polish calling my name, I sat down on a Monday evening and watched the newest (and best-looking) horror movie that Netflix suggested on my screen: Hush.

I’m always apprehensive about watching shows or movies that I’ve never heard of or seen before that have a bad rating, but this one had 4 stars. Even the description was one I’ve never heard of. “A deaf writer who’s retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence after a masked killer appears in her window.” Woah, dude. Most horror movies nowadays kind of have an expected plot or outcome, but this one sounded good. So I watched.

Maddie, deemed deaf after a case of meningitis when she was 13, lives a life of solitude in her house in the woods. Having only her friends Sarah and John who live nearby, it was the perfect setting for someone to break in. So that’s what happens. From motives that are never explained, a man who goes unnamed threatens to murder Maddie and forces her to lock herself in her own home for fear of her own safety.

I could critique this movie, but I figured my good comments will outweigh the “eh” ones. Many horror movies feature a woman as the lead, but the film will display her as “naive” or “smart, but will eventually die”. This film (spoiler alert!) did neither. It portrayed Maddie as a strong-willed woman who does not quit when faced with a challenge. Upon hearing this, many people would classify her as “cold-hearted” and “emotionless”, but the film also exhibits her emotions as well. We follow Maddie through quite the roller coaster ride as she battles for her life. I would say she’s pretty accurate in playing the role of a deaf girl on screen. It’s pretty amazing what Kate Siegel can do, given the film contains less than 15 minutes of dialogue and she can speak in real life. For a serial thriller, I was not disappointed.

I recommend this movie to literally anyone who’s looking for something to watch. It’s now one of my favorites. Incredible job, Siegel. You’ve nailed it.

Here’s an interview with Siegel about the film:

Here’s some tweets by the stars regarding the film:

Elizabeth Meyer ’17


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