Ready Player One

Maura Gormley ’19

Ready Player One (by Ernest Clide) is the story of a teenage boy named Wade who lives in one of the poorest towns in America that is referred to as, “The Stacks.” This novel takes place in the year 2044, and things have gone downhill very fast for the US. However, this is not your typical dystopian novel where the city is run by a tyrant who gets overthrown by an underdog who manages to fall in love while fighting the government. Instead, this novel is about escaping the problems in reality.

Have you ever read a book, seen a movie, or even imagined something where there is a fictional universe that appeals to you more than your own reality? For example, the Percy Jackson series. There are people who would kill to live in a universe of magic, powers, swords, and humor. In Ready Player One, it is actually possible to escape the problems of reality and immerse yourself in a virtual universe that is much better than the real one. Wade, the main character, is bullied, lives in a poor and dangerous town, and has to stay with his abusive aunt. However, he uses this virtual reality to allow himself to escape from the pain of normal life.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.27.51 AM.png

Wade climbing down from this trailer in “The Stacks.” Photo Credit

This fictional reality is called OASIS. OASIS can be great when used in moderation. People can play games, socialize, learn, and travel. The problem starts when people, such as Wade, start caring about the virtual universe more than the real one. What is the point of living in a messed up world when you can live a happy life in a perfect universe?

On top of everything, Wade is participating in a giant online scavenger hunt that takes place in OASIS. People start to care so much about winning this VIRTUAL scavenger hunt that they start hurting people in real life. Is it worth it? Ready Player One is absolutely fascinating and helps put the meaning of reality in perspective. I know it sounds deep, but it is definitely worth reading.

I personally have read Ready Player One and I loved every second. The book is definitely geared towards people who love sci-fi and are curious about the meaning of existence. I always have loved the idea of traveling to places that don’t exist, and I love to immerse myself in daydreams of worlds that I have created (I would not recommend daydreaming in class, teachers don’t seem to appreciate it very much…)  That is one of many reasons why I find this book so fascinating. Whether you consider yourself a nerd or not, I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good, fast-paced book to read over the summer.

Ready Player One will be adapted into a movie and directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie is currently scheduled to come out in 2017.


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