Pillows for Cast Members

Hi there, my name is Giorgia Close and I am mildly famous on the internet, which means Twitter and Tumblr. I make pillows. Not pillows to sleep on, but pillows that look like characters from popular things in the media as time passes. Right now, I’m mildly famous for my pillows about Hamilton: The Musical.

When I say mildly famous I’ll put in in perspective for you. When I first started making pillows, I did what anyone does when they want to be a nerd, I got into BBC Sherlock. These pillows were not the best, but hey, they got me onto the radar of people. For Sherlock, I made Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Mycroft Holmes pillows. This got my Etsy store opened.


From left to right: Sherlock, John, Lester, Mr. Numbers, Mr. Wrench, and the 2 Lorne Malvo designs.

After that, I took a break. My pillows are all hand made and hand cut, making each one unique. A simple pillow takes at minimum 4 hours to complete, and after taking so many orders, I had to close my shop and stop making things for a bit.

Then FX’s rendition of the movie ‘Fargo’ came in, and I was smitten. I immediately found my sewing kit and made a pillow of the main character Lester Nygaard. But then I felt bad that his friend Lorne Malvo didn’t have a pillow, so I made him. Then their appearences changed, so I had to make updated pillows. Two more characters came into the show, Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench, and I made them as well. This put me into the forefront of the Fargo fanbase. The actor who plays Mr. Wrench on the show found my pillows and immediately took an interest, so I sent him the pillow, really jazzed that the actor of the pillow would be holding it.


Lorne Malvo and Lester Nygaard plus 2 custom mini pillows I made for a friend.

I was on a roll. I didn’t take orders, but I made Bilbo, Dwalin, Bofur, and Nori from ‘The Hobbit’. Nori had a fully braided beard that took over 9 hours to complete, but I loved him. Then I took a year long break, only stopping to make a custom Elsa pillow for Mrs. Brodbeck.


Nori’s beard took over 9 hours to braid and is completely connected to his hair.

Hamilton happened. I did what any person like me does, and I made pillows. Thomas Jefferson is not only my favorite person in history, but in Hamilton he’s incredible. By some stroke of luck, both people who play Jefferson have seen my pillow.


Heres the Jefferson pillow.


And heres the tweet from Daveed, who plays Jefferson, that made my life.

When that happened, I really blew up. Requests were coming in, people trying to place orders, whatever. So I continued. Next I made Hercules Mulligan, played by Okieriete Onaowdowan, which was popular for maybe a hot second. Between Hercules and the next pillow, something incredible happened. Daveed Diggs and Andrew Chappelle, both Thomas Jefferson actors on Broadway, wanted my pillows. I did what any sane person does and I spent 4 hours making another custom Thomas pillow to send to New York.


Hamilton, Mulligan, and Jefferson with the Hamilton book.

After that I made a Hamilton pillow, which hasn’t garnered much attention, to my delight. Getting 200 Twitter notifications seems cool, but in reality it just makes your phone die faster.

Three days ago, my pillow arrived in New York for Andrew Chapelle, but was stolen by the other Jefferson, Daveed Diggs. So I made another, sent it up yesterday to arrive tomorrow because Andrew was upset. In that time I received graduation congrats from the cast, and some sweet nothings about making more pillows to send. Which might happen.


After this came a slew of tweets about how he wanted one too, even though the pillow was meant for him.

Looking into the future, I’m going to New York over the summer, ready to hand deliver my hand made pillows. Who knows if I’ll open up my shop again, but for now I’m happy with being mildly famous among the cast and crew of Hamilton. Bring on the next set of pillow inspiration, Pop Culture.

UPDATE: 5/11

My pillows have landed and here they are with the two Thomas Jefferson actors.


UPDATE: 5/18

Two pillows got to New York and found their actors. James Reynolds for Voltaire Wade-Greene and Hamilton for Javier Muñoz.

13241328_1304293832932112_5927539640921811041_n 13239360_1304293822932113_8632737123876612947_n

UPDATE: 5/20

Here’s Daveed Diggs with my pillow at the end of the video. What a guy.

Giorgia Close ’16

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