The Fantasticks

By Samantha Mueller ’18

There are many opportunities for entertainment in Cincinnati. Over the weekend, I went to The Drama Workshop in Cheviot. This theatre has been operating since 1954. It is a great atmosphere for working with different types of people in amateur theatre.  The current musical is The Fantasticks, which is the longest running musical in history. The show itself was extremely well done, and even featured a McAuley student.

The show opens between two homes in which enemy families live. The two children, however, are in love. (Sound familiar?) They see each other over the wall built between the two homes. Both are unaware to the fact that their parents had been


Logo for The Fantasticks musical from The Drama Workshop website

using reverse psychology to trick them both into falling in love under the belief they were going against their family. They had actually been doing what their fathers wanted all along. They discover their parents’ elaborate scheme when they announce their love for each other. This puts stress on their relationship, and later the relationship between the family units.


The plot itself was easy to follow, but was not entirely predictable. The show flowed naturally, which gave the audience more of a feeling of inclusion in the story.  Humor was also a strong element in the performance, and gave some of the more dramatic scenes a lighter feel. The show as a whole was energetic and positive. All of the actors remained professional the entire time on stage, and did an excellent job at staying in character.

It is a musical so there was a LOT of singing.  The numbers were also accompanied with dances. The choreography worked well with the music, and it looked great. The music itself was light and humorous. The voices of the cast were all fantastic (No pun intended), and helped support the overall ambiance of the show.

The shows for The Fantasticks continue this weekend until May 8. If you are at home looking for something to do, I highly recommend going out to see the show.

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