2016 Summer Bucket List

Emily Rickett ’16

This being my last summer before I leave for college, I want to make it the best one yet. My summer going into senior year was an absolute blast, but I want to beat it! I started thinking about how I am going to make this a memorable summer, when it came to me that I need a Summer Bucket list!

After brainstorming and a little research I’ve came up with a bunch of fun and adventurous ideas! So if you’re looking to make a memorable summer then the list below will help you out! Below is my summer bucket list, feel free to borrow any ideas!

My 2016 Summer Bucket List

  • Go backyard tent camping.
  • Go to Kings Island.
  • Homemade slip-n-slide.
  • Go to the beach.
  • Go camping.
  • Go on a short road trip with friends.
  • Senior Trip (Myrtle Beach).
  • Go fishing.
  • Go see a movie at the drive-in.
  • Play messy Twister with paint.
  • Go to at least 3 country concerts.
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Drive with no destination.
  • Go ona hike. 
  • Have a family game night.
  • Run at least one 5K.
  • Try sushi.
  • Visit a state park.
  • Go to at least one Red’s game.
  • Get tan.
  • Pull an all-nighter.
  • Meet new people.
  • Have a spa day with friends.
  • Tie-dye shirts.
  • Have a PJ day.
  • Have a bonfire & s’mores with friends.
  • Try yoga.
  • Night swim.
  • Have a water balloon fight.
  • Make the most of every day.
  • Have no regrets.


Hopefully my summer bucket list gives you a few ideas to add to yours. A summer bucket list can really add some excitement to the best 3 months of the year! With only 20 days until graduation, I will begin checking off my list very soon. So if your summer bucket list is still blank, start making yours today!Summer-Bucket-List-Web-600x750.jpg


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