What Seniors will miss most

For us Seniors, our time at Mercy is coming to an end. It’s a time of celebration for our new life ahead of us. I think most of us are ready to be done with high school, but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss things about it.

I surveyed 30 students from the Senior class and asked them what they would miss most about Mercy. They had the option of choosing mercy cookies, classmates, teachers, the Mercy Community, and other.

The results were: 2 people chose mercy cookies, 18 people chose classmates, 2 people choses teachers, 5 people chose the Mercy Community, and 3 people chose other. And in case you wanted to know what these results look like in a bar graph:


And for those people who prefer pie charts to bar graphs:

image (1)

As you can see, classmates is clearly the winner.

In case you were wondering, concerning the three people who put other, one person put that she will miss Mercy Soccer, another put that she will miss her friends, and another student wrote that she would miss most of her classmates and a few of her teachers.

To make things even more interesting I regrouped the results into students that would most miss people and those that would most miss something other than people. I counted those who put teachers, classmates, and the Mercy Community, as most missing people, and also put two of the ‘other responses’ as missing people as well. I put the results in a bar graph for you:

image (2)

As you can see from the chart, Seniors will most miss people at Mercy.


Written by Madalyn Hardig

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