Life Club’s Annual Baby Shower is here!!!

Do you love babies?

photo (2)

Do you love moms and babies?

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Then you should bring in baby items to donate for mothers and babies in our community!

Life Club will again be collecting donations to go to Pregnancy Center West. This is especially important because THEIR CURRENT SUPLY IS RUNNING LOW. This is the list of things they need:

Diapers – size 2 and up but especially size 4-6



Diaper bags

Baby Blankets

Baby clothes

Baby Shoes

Umbrella Strollers

Baby bottles

All of the items, except diapers & wipes :), can be new or gently used. They are always open to taking other baby items as well. NO stuffed animals please though. If you bring something in, you can put it in one of the boxes that are in each of the class hallways (The ones that are wrapped in baby wrapping paper).

All of these things go to Pregnancy Center West’s “Earn While You Learn” program. Parents can take free parenting classes and in return get points to which they can use to get these things. 

Please bring something in! Pregnancy Center West and the mothers and babies they support could really use our help! Next time your at the store, pick up one of these items. You and your friends could even put your money together and buy something big like a stroller or even just a pack of diapers. Another thing to do is to ask family members or people you babysit for if they have anything they would like to donate. Just tell them that your school is collecting items for Pregnancy Center West and if they have any items they would like to donate you would be happy to bring them in for them. I have found that people who have kids tend to have a lot of stuff to donate. A lot of times new moms get free samples of formula in the mail that they won’t use and could donate. Sometimes they have to much of one size of clothing and will donate that. You’ll never know unless you ask.

We have extended the last turn-in day to Friday, May 20th. So please, pretty please, if you can, bring stuff in to donate!

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Written by Madalyn Hardig

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