Mercy Teachers run for the Flying Pig

By Madeline Lane

Two of our own teachers, Ms. Blum and Mr. Bouman ran in the 18th annual Flying Pig Marathon on May 1. Ms. Blum started her running career 3 years ago and has ran 6 half marathons since. She enjoys running so much because of the training to push herself. She describes races as tests. Ms. Blum ran the “3 way with extra cheese” which consists of a 1 mile race on Friday, 5k and 10k, back to back, on Saturday, and 13.1 miles for the actual race on Sunday.  She woke up bright and early at 4:00 AM with her family. She started racing with her dad and Mrs. Knapke! She shared with me some of her favorite moments during the race. Crossing the starting line and finish line she described it as “so emotional.” She ran past Krohn Conservatory and witnessed an Elvis impersonator singing rock and roll. Also, the Walnut Hills football team cheered her on while she ran under their balloon arch.

Other mercy teachers also ran in the race including Mr. Bouman, Mr. Burton, and Mrs. Uhl. Last year, Mrs. Utah ran the full marathon and placed for Boston which she’ll be running in next year, after the birth of her first baby girl.

Mr. Bouman ran in the Flying Pig Marathon last year and this year. He heard runners describe the passionate feeling they experience as “runner’s high.” He didn’t believe in it at first but after running for flying pig he definitely felt the rush. He experienced the rewarding feeling of accomplishing something he worked hard at and finished. He ran the race for fun with his friend, Mike, who he’s known for years. They reached the “pig pens” right in time for the race to start and his wife came down to watch. Mrs. Bouman and Ms. Blum’s mom met at the race last year completely unaware that Mr. Bouman and Ms. Blum knew each other. Mr. Bouman also shared his favorite moments on Sunday with me. He said besides the end, climbing Eden Park and overlooking Cincinnati was something to remember. There was a men’s choir singing funny songs. Also, in Kentucky, older people held funny signs to encourage the runners and make them laugh through the pain.  IMG_4674
Ms. Blum and Mr. Bouman run in the same running group for training all throughout winter. Their group consists of 350 people both from the east and west sides of Cincinnati. Training started on New Year’s Day and for the past 16 weeks they trained for the Flying Pig Marathon.   

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