Things You Wouldn’t Know About Zip Dip

Jody Hetzel ’19

Many people always wonder what it would be like to work at a creamy whip. “It would be so much fun,” as some people say. However, little do you know, all the work and annoyances we have.

Below are a few things that my fellow Zip Dip workers and I get annoyed with:

1)When people ask for scoops of ice cream or what flavors of ice cream Zip Dip has

Of course you smile and tell them what we have, however on the inside we are thinking… Are you serious? It’s a creamy whip ice cream shop not a UDF or Graeters. We don’t have scoops of ice cream we have soft served ice cream. Our flavors are always the same; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Twist.

2)Once you already make the ice cream for them and then they say, “Oh, I wanted that in a bowl.”

If they wanted it in a bowl they should’ve said that when they ordered. So we say, “Can we flip it into a bowl?” Normally customers say yes however sometimes you get those really annoying customers that say, “I’m sorry I really don’t want the cone.” We casually make them a new one and go on with the day however it’s just very aggravating. Customers should just tell us if they want it in a cone or bowl.


3) When anyone orders FOOD

Does this look like a restaurant? Although the food is on the menu, it is frustrating to have to go in the back and make it because there are a line of people waiting to get ice cream. It’s also extremely nasty looking and takes forever to cook.

4) Zip Dip cards

Zip Dip cards are the worst because so many people have them but never carry the cards with them. We have to give out 10 out of 10 boxes of cards by the end of the season (Rule from Boss.) However when people come in with a billion cards and ask you to combine them all you can see how aggravating it can get. From personal experience, I will tell you one story of me with Zip Dip Cards. One time, this lady came up with 18 Zip Dip Cards and wanted us to combine them all although all together we are only allowed to combine them on one card. Well, this lady was not happy that we put them all on one card because she wanted to get 2 free ice cream cones. She was yelling at us through the small Zip Dip window. Eventually, we just pleased the customer and gave her two Zip Dip cards.

5) Filling Machines

Filling machines has to be the biggest annoyance of them all. They are these huge bags of ice cream mix and they are freezing cold. They are heavy and you can never get the tab off. Once you do, you have to carry it and pour it into the machine. By the end of the process, your hands are bright red, freezing, and wet from the moist bag. Since you have to have ice cream mix there’s nothing us workers can do about it.

Overall, even though Zip Dip can be annoying it really is an amazing place to work. It is a lot of fun and I still love working there. I have met so many new people and gotten close with many of them. Zip Dip is an awesome place and I would definitely recommend it for a first job!


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