The Final Days of My College Tour

After my visit to North Carolina A&T, I thought I was set. I didn’t need to see anymore colleges, this school was for me! However at this school, they only accept 18% of out-of-state students, which makes it competitive to get into. So I decided to keep my options open.

Our next stop was Atlanta, Georgia. The drive was almost 4 hours. We spent the night in our hotel, and the next morning headed to Spelman College.


Standing outside the school, waiting on our tour guide. Photo credits to me.

This visit wasn’t as pleasant as all the others. We were caught in the rain so it was a little hard to focus when I was too worried about not getting wet. Nevertheless, this school was still great and had a beautiful campus.


Spelman was the second all girls college we visited. However this time the boys visited Morehouse College, which is an all boys college. The two school are right across from each other like Bennett and North Carolina was.

After we were done with these visits, everyone met up to visit Clark Atlanta University, which is again in walking distance form the other two colleges.



Clark was the last college for the day, but our day still wasn’t over. Our next stop was another historical site. We visited another Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. After that we headed over to Lenox Square.

Now if you’ve every been here, you’ll know this mall is incredibly large. There’s like 4 floors, a million and one stores, and a very delicious food court. I think its safe to say this is what everyone was looking forward to.


me and my friend Cariah in the mall. Photo credits to me.



1/1000 selfies my friend Amur took in front of stores. Photo credits to me.

After the mall visit, I was exhausted. My legs were so sore and I was tired! We headed back to the hotel for a good night’s rest. Our wake up call the next morning was at 5:30 am because we had to drive back to Tennessee.


Everyone sleep on the bus ride to Tennessee. Photo credits to me.

We arrived at Tennessee State University and the first thing we did was go into their book store. After that we went into their cafeteria, which was perfect because I was starving!About an hour after we got there, we met up with our tour guide

Like North Carolina, I felt a strong connection with this school. Although no one was really on campus because they don’t have classes on Friday, I still loved the atmosphere here.

After we left, we only had one more school left on this tour, and that was Fisk University. Fisk is located just a few minutes from TSU so we didn’t have far to travel. My favorite thing about Fisk was that every student there genuinely love their school, and they’re not afraid to show that. It also didn’t help one of our tour guides was from New Orleans (my home town).


Fisk’s church structure. Photo credits to me.

Usually at this point in the blog I would reflect on the different schools I visited, but there’s some things I didn’t tell you. Although this was an education tour, there were places we went that weren’t so “educational.”

After we visited Hampton University we had a little down time before our appointment at Norfolk, so we went to Virginia Beach.

Now this was only my second time going to a beach, so I was very excited. We spent about an hour here.

Another exciting thing we did was visit the amusement park Carowinds which is on the border of North and South Carolina.


My friends and I at the amusement park. Photo credits to me.


Special shout out to Ms. Janelle Hocker for providing me with this opportunity and thank you to my mom for not letting me talk her out of making me go! Because of this tour, I now have schools that I will be applying to. Not only that, but I’ve met so many incredible people who I feel like will be long time friends! This experience definitely has me excited for the college life.

If you would like to have an experience similar to mine please visit:

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