Vocal Ensemble Competitions

Samantha Mueller ’18

Mother of Mercy’s vocal ensemble is the school’s select group of vocalists. On May seventh, the group competed at two different competitions in the morning. The day started with a Kings Island competition in the morning, and then a rush over to Princeton High School for the other more challenging one. The two events together are fundamental in developing the group as Mercy’s competition group.


The Vocal Ensemble arriving at their first competition. Photo Credit: Hannah Vaive’s Mother

The first location filed the singers into a large room with risers to the side and two tables in front. There was a seating area for viewers on the right side, and it was mostly filled with parents and other choirs. There were more large groups there than smaller select groups. Everyone, however, was excited to compete. This helped heighten my appreciation for music and the community.  At each competition, three pieces were performed. “What a Wonderful World” served as the warm-up song. This means that the judges did not have the music in front of them to check rhythms and notes in voice parts. The other two songs were “And This Shall Be For Music” and “Get Happy.” Judges had music to both of these songs, and were looking into the various musical techniques thoroughly.

The second event had more people competing, and gave off a more intimidating atmosphere. Performers moved more efficiently through this competition, and it didn’t take very long at all. The group was led to the practice room, and then entered the gym for the competition. Risers were also present, and the judges even had microphones to consider aspects or talk to each other. One of the judges was even a woman the group knew from other events. (It wasn’t rigged. Promise.)  Both competitions were highly enjoyable, and helped the ensemble to represent Mercy proudly.

The end results of the two competitions were phenomenal. At the first competition, Mercy’s vocal ensemble received a superior rating, perfect scores from both judges, best section awards for all sections and the weekend for the Kings Island competition. At the second competition, the group also earned a superior rating as well as an award for best women’s choir. Congratulations to Mrs. Zang and the vocal ensemble!

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