My Freshman Year Review

By Jody Hetzel

As a public school 8th grader coming into a catholic high school, I was very nervous. However, throughout my first year as not only a high school student, but also coming into a new catholic school environment, I have come a long way. There are many things I have learned from my freshman year and I can definitely say I have found my “way” in high school. Through the various sports, clubs, and activities I have met many new people and have become a better person. I never expected my freshman year to lay out this way, but I’m happy it has.

My transition from a public school to a catholic school-

Many may think coming from a public school may be difficult, and they are right, but they don’t know that it makes you a better, all around student. The main differences between the two are uniforms, grading system, and all girls.

The uniform: At a public school you get to wear whatever you want. My normal day outfit was always very “lazy”. A t-shirt, sweatpants, and gym shoes was what I loved to wear. Although I miss not being able to wear that, I love uniforms. It’s so easy because you don’t have to pick out your outfit every night and it’s always the same thing. Although at times, like when it’s cold, I wish we could wear sweatpants and sweatshirts.


Rapid Run Middle School

The grading: At a public school they use a 10 point grade scale. At Catholic schools they normally use a 7 point grade scale. In the beginning, this transition was hard because I was used to being a straight A student and now I have downgraded to an A and B student. However, this grade scale has made me push myself to get that 93 in order to get an A.

All girls: Boys. Woah. Although many girls wish there were boys in high school, I don’t. Boys were always an annoyance. At times they were fun to have around because they always made me laugh but I wouldn’t like them in high school with me. At Oakhills, which is where I would’ve gone, there are boys. This is a huge difference. Many people have said to me, “wouldn’t there be so much drama?” The answer is no. I don’t even realize that it is all girls sometimes. Obviously I know there are not any guys, but there is little to no drama. At the most, I actually like it being all girls. I have created a sisterhood with all these girls and I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity at a public high school.

My favorite class this year has definitely been religion. I have never taken a religion class in my entire life, with this in mind, you would think I would hate it. However, I have grown closer with God and have definitely grown in my faith.


I have met so many new people. Throughout clubs and sports I have had the opportunity to not only be friends with freshman, but also upperclassmen. For clubs I was in Student Council and became a leader for my homeroom. This helped me grow in leadership, friendship, and kindness. I swam this year for Mercy and I loved it. It kept me in shape and I enjoyed meeting all the people. Whether it was team bonding or just meets, we all got very close.

Mercy was everything I expected and then some. It has given me so many opportunities and I definitely feel the love. The Mercy community is very compassionate, loving, and happy. I enjoy every day of school I have here at Mercy and I wouldn’t want my four years of high school anywhere else.

One thought on “My Freshman Year Review

  1. Jody said it all. What a beautiful testimonial for Catholic education. But what really comes through is the love, compassion and friendships she will have for life. Not to mention the growth of her faith and her relationship with God. I know she will enjoy her next three years at Mercy. Thank you Jody, your essay was wonderful to read.

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