Dealing With A Concussion

Jody Hetzel ‘19

This is for everyone that has ever wondered what it would be like to have a concussion. May I just start by saying, they stink. Concussions are honestly one of the worst things I have ever dealt with in my entire life. Nothing good can come out of a concussion.

During Swimming season, normally, you can be almost 100% positive that no one will get a concussion. However, this year, the scales changed. I was coming in during a set, did my flip turn, and went the other way to finish the lap. However, as I turned, the girl behind me kicked me right in the head. I just kept swimming though and thought nothing of it. I mean, I had an on and off headache, but nothing terrible. Although, as the week went on, my head started bothering me a lot. Whenever I looked at lights or heard loud sounds, I wanted to scream. My head pounded. If you’ve ever had a migraine, think of that multiplied by 100. So I went to the doctor and what do you know, I had a concussion. They told me the best thing to do was to sit in a dark room, drink lots of water, and stay off of electronics. However the only exception was to watch simple TV which meant shows that don’t make you think. This went on for a week, no homework and laying in bed all day! Living the life, right? Well no, not exactly. As I started getting back into school, I had a lot of make up work I had to do, and I missed most of the introductions for the new quarter. It was terrible, however the teachers were very understanding.

Some struggles and things I learned through this process:

  • You don’t need technology to have fun. I learned that even without technology, I still could enjoy myself.
  • You don’t miss your friends until you aren’t allowed to go to school or do anything. I didn’t realize how much I missed my friends until I wasn’t allowed to be with them. All I wanted to do was talk to them, instead of being alone in a dark room all day and all night.
  • You come up with a lot of ideas and things you can do, once you get cleared from your doctor. I came up with things I could do with my friends and family, like going to lunch or getting nails done. Although I wasn’t supposed to be thinking much, that’s honestly all I could do.
  • Lastly, I missed swimming more than I would’ve guessed. I almost wasn’t allowed to go to districts and I had to miss out on senior night. This was really important to me because I wanted to beat my time in 50 free, and I was so close until I got my concussion. Also I wanted to say farewell to all the seniors who had become very close friends of mine and thank them for all that they had done during the season.


Overall, concussions are exactly what people would think, painful and annoying. Some tips for getting a concussion are to listen to your doctor. If they tell you to sit in a dark room, you should do exactly that. In the end, doctors always know what’s best, it’s their job. As far as preventing a concussion goes, there really is nothing you can do, if it happens it happens.

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