Mercy Summer Reading

Madeline lane ‘17

The one book, one community program between Mercy and McAuley is equiped with students and teachers. The committee decided, this year, that both our schools will be reading a New York times best seller, Out Of My Mind by Sharon Draper.

Out Of My Mind’s main character is Melody, an eleven year old girl stuck in her own body. With a photographic memory, she is the smartest kid in her school but no one knows it. Her brilliance is trapped in her own body because, with her disability, she can’t communicate. Draper believes that out of my mind resonates with readers because Melody relates to everyone. Melody wants to be apart of a group and have friends.
Draper has a child who has disabilities so she understands the struggle kids with disabilities go through everyday and wrote the book for them.

Draper loves the back of the book which holds a goldfish in a fishbowl and the front holds the same fish leaping out of the bowl. This imagery can represent anybody reaching and searching for something better and leaping into the unknown. She describes the book as poignant and that we will remember Melody because the book doesn’t have a cliche ending.

Our own Elizabeth Beckmann, has read the novel before. She decided to read Out Of My Mind in 7th grade after reading other books by the same author because she really enjoyed her writing style. She finds the book to be very unique and interesting since it’s written in the perspective of a young girl with cerebral palsy. She recommends it and is very excited for mercy to fall in love with it just like she did!

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